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The Cluster’s Permanent Desk’s provide you with the ideal place to grow your business.

Coworking Desks

Enjoy your own desk in among our amazing coworking community! Choose an area which suits your needs - busy and bustling or calm and quiet!

Our desks have ample storage and are big enough for multiple screens! No teeny-tiny desks here!

​​All desks include ample storage and a lockable filing cabinet for your belongings.

The space for your business to grow​

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Permanent Desks
Perks & Benefits

Cluster Amenities

  • Superstar Reception front of house​
  • Access to all breakout spaces: Full access to our ‘breakout spaces’ when available, which includes our business lounges, cafes and areas defined as such.
  • Unlimited super-fast Internet: We offer 400 Mbit/s upload and download speeds to our members at 31 Queen Street, delivered via WiFi or via ethernet upon request.
  • Free Coffee and snacks! The Cluster provides free coffee and snacks to our members each day, with coffee machines available for open use, as well as snacks being provided to Members in the kitchen each day.
  • Barista made coffee and business lounge: The Cluster has a Café on the penthouse level. Members have access to this exclusive space where they can purchase discounted coffee and other beverages to enjoy during the business day.
  • Stunning 360 Degree Views of the city: The Cluster is positioned remarkably overlooking Melbourne and the Yarra river, feel inspired and connected to the city each day you work from your space.
  • Secure bike storage: 31 Queen Street has secure bike storage – a building access card is required to access this service, please check to see what services include an access card.
  • Shower and change room facilities: 31 Queen Street has a range of end-of-journey facilities available to your Members, please contact reception for full details.
  • Day storage facilities: Travelling and need a place to put Your luggage for the day? The Cluster has you covered! Please talk to reception and we can securely hold onto your luggage whilst you work for the day.
  • Networking events: The Cluster hosts many networking events throughout the year, from casual drinks to meet your neighbour lunches, to company pitch presentations, we do Our best to keep     Our community buzzing with energy and opportunities to connect.
  • IT support​: The Cluster provides IT support should you require any assistance.
  • Private phone booths: We offer access to our private phone booths, designed to be discrete, enabling you to handle sensitive conversations away from the coworking space.  Unlike some of our competitors, our phone booths are formaldehyde-free.
  • Green Energy: The Cluster chooses to purchase GreenPower accredited electricity to ensure that our coworking space is powered wholly by renewable energy sources.
  • Flexi storage: We provide storage spaces where you can put away your items each day, when you want to leave them at work.
  • Cheaper Hot Desk Options: If you have an unusually busy month our Flexi members can add extra hours hot desk hours for a discounted price. This gives you even better access to cheap hot desk office space in Melbourne’s CBD.

Private Office Package Benefits include:

  • 24/7 access for each team member​
  • Access to all breakout spaces, including lounges and the cafe​
  • Serviced meeting room credits each month​
  • Free un-serviced meeting rooms​
  • Exclusive events and networking​
  • Reception mail collection​
  • Use of CBD address​

Permanent Desks Enquiry

Phone03 9008 5980
Fax: 03 8678 1269

17, 31 Queen St.
Melbourne 3000

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